Nordic Furniture
In each product we reveal the true beauty of furniture. Our products are made of environmentally friendly materials using the latest Swedish technologies. The modular layout system allows you to arrange furniture in the space of the room in accordance with any desires.
Scandinavian-style furniture
Individuality in each product
Choose a table model and one of the shades of stain from our catalog that you like best: natural, bleached, chocolate, honey, vintage or any other.
Beech and oak are the two main types of wood that we use for legs. Beech is lighter and pinkish, oak is more brown with a green undertone.
types of wood
types of coverage
Best materials
A story about a furniture production project
Furniture from Sweden is highly valued in the European market. The Scandinavian style, which is popular today, speaks in favor of this choice. Simplicity, minimalism, clarity of lines are in fashion.
Swedish furniture is created under the motto: "Conciseness and naturalness". This makes it recognizable in Europe and the world. Our company produces furnishings for commercial interiors and residential apartments.
Sofas and armchairs, dining, coffee and coffee tables, bar and kitchen chairs are created according to the author's design projects.
They fit perfectly into the interior of small apartments and country houses.
Environmental friendliness
Nordic Oak table and Fin chairs in the interior
Advantages of our approach
In the manufacture of furniture, we value lightness, clarity of lines, lack of pretentiousness. Simple geometric drawings or a clearly defined texture of the materials used. Chairs, tables, chairs are made only of natural materials. The materials undergo a special treatment that protects against dust and simplifies care.
The table can be assembled in 10 minutes.

Watch a short video with assembly instructions and everything will become clear.
If you have any questions, be sure to write and we will send you more detailed review.
When you get your table, it is 99% assembled. You just need to screw the legs and insert one or two inserts at will. This is a pleasant 1% of the case, which will make the table finished, even more beloved and yours.
Tables can be equipped with a folding mechanism
Table "Hugo" in oak color
The mechanism of the butterfly table extension. It is easy to unfold and grows by 40 cm.
watch the video instructions
How to place an order? How to make worldwide delivery?
Delivery to the Address within the MKAD + lifting by freight elevator and assembly (on the day of delivery) will be 7000 rubles.
Departure outside the MKAD is paid separately, 40p / km.
The cost of delivery in the city is on average 1000 rubles, installation 500 rubles. Delivery to the suburbs is calculated individually.
Worldwide shipping is calculated individually, the cost depends on the city, size and weight of the order.
On average, the cost of delivery of a product from 25 to 45 kg (chairs, tables) is 1800-3500 rubles per item.
Worldwide shipping
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